A Pattern Language of Natural Homes




A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, is a collection of 253 things (patterns) that make your living environment a pleasure. This is an introduction to a series of articles about each of the patterns where we illustrate them using homes and buildings made from natural materials like stone, clay, wood and straw. These materials are themselves one of the patterns, namely No.207 'Good (natural) Materials'. You will find links in each article to other patterns illustrated by the home and eventually, as with Alexander's book, to related patterns.

Each of the patterns are first illustrated in our facebook album 'A Pattern Language of Natural Homes'. With every addition to the album the slideshow (below left) is updated. The slideshow, with links to facebook, is available for you to include in your own website or blog. The code for the show is available here.

Not all the patterns in A Pattern Language will be covered in these articles since the first 94 of them relate to aspects of community which are, for the most part, outside the scope of building. However some of the patterns in the first 94 may be covered in future articles by reference to eco-villages and some examples from historic villages.


This is a work in progress. We hope you will return to it many times as an appetiser to buying the book. The book will help you, as it has many others, to design your own natural home. Enjoy the creativity of natural builders past and present and admire the architectural observations of Alexander.

Left is the Pattern Language slideshow which is updated when new patterns are illustrated. A click on any of the slides will take you to our facebook page where you will find a short description of the pattern and details of the natural home that illustrates it.





Please enjoy reading our recent articles about some of the world's natural homes, the people who built them and the techniques they used.