The art of wood, some creative inspiration...


Alastair Heseltine, Canada

This is the 'Woodpile' by Alastair Heseltine, a sculptor from Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada. Most of Alastair's work is in woven willow making baskets and furniture. The woodpile has since been used to heat Alastair's home.




Peter Boyd, Wales

This oak tree was struck by lightning breaking its trunk, just like the heart of the sculptor Peter Boyd who carved the woman he loved there. The tree stands in the grounds of Cae Mabon in Wales. Peter's heart was broken but he saved the tree which thrives, bringing joy to the people who see it. Take a look a some of the magical natural buildings at Cae Mabon.








Robin Fawcett, England

This is a sycamore kasa (in Sami guksi), a traditional Swedish drinking cup or ladle. It was made by Robin Fawcett, a traditional pole lathe worker also known as a Bodger. Sycamore is an attractive cream colour which darkens to gold over time. It's easily worked and can be cut in any direction to produce a beautiful finish. The spectacular wavy grained or "rippled" sycamore is used for making musical instruments and very fine furniture. Traditionally it was used, as Robin does, for turned bowls, plates and utensils.








Cal Zukowski, Czech Republic

This is the entrance to one of the 400 year old stone houses on the banks of the Vltava River that snakes, like the tail of this dragon, through Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It's the home of Canadian artist and woodworker Cal Zukowski who runs Krumlov Hostel. Cal made the door with local oak and cherry utilizing Japanese joinery. The dragon is a similar design to one found in the town's impressive 14th century castle.








Jaime Filipe, Portugal.

This cocoon, suspended from a tree in woodlands of Arcozelo, in northern Portugal, was part of Art Nature Fest which was held in March 2013. It is the work of Jaime Filipe, an inspiring land artist who has been creating beautiful natural art in Portugal for some seven years.

The cocoon is the first venture away from working in stone, a material Jaime has a particular affinity for but no less than the beautiful sensitivity he expresses using ivy tendrils.








Rich Germaney-pope, England

Rich is an artisan woodsmith and made this  unbelievably beautiful window for his cob and straw bale home. The window set in sculpted cob walls looks out over the banks of a small stream in Somerset, England.

Rich, and his partner Lisa, can be found at UK festivals teaching wood carving and Celtic Ogham under the name of Goatlings at events like Buddha Field and Sunrise Celebration.