Laughing House in Oregon, home to Cob Cottage Company


Hidden away in a lush Oregon woodland near Coquille, OR, USA is a collection of tiny cob homes with names like Dawn and Dusk and the jewel among them is the the home of Ianto and Linda called Laughing House. Ianto and Linda run the Cob Cottage Company sharing their many years of natural building experience and philosophy with what must now add up to hundreds of people from all over the world.


In the video above Ianto sits outside his lovely home talking about living naturally and the difference between natural building and so called 'green' building.

Ianto and Linda's cob home is a bewildering collection of the patterns that make a living space just right of the human animal. These patterns are defined in a book called 'A Pattern Language', a valuable addition to your library if you are thinking about building a home. Ianto covers many of the patterns in his book 'The Hand Sculpted house' like the low doorway (pattern No.224), half-open wall (pattern No.193) and bed alcoves (pattern No.188).


Below left is the bathroom with a wonderful mosaic that reaches into the deep windowsill (pattern No.197, Thick Walls) where light reflects softly into the room on the edges of the reveals (pattern No.223, Deep Reveals)

These beautiful cob homes cost very little to build. In the video below Ianto and Linda talk about their work. You will find out just how cheap these homes can be.

  Ianto and Linda at Cob Cottage  

Off the treadmill with
Ianto and Linda