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In a typical contribution from one of our group members, Veronica shares her plans for her next cob building. With over 70,000 members in our groups contributing a project is the first step to getting your work noticed. Many of the articles on Natural Homes began their life taking this type of post to a wider audience which is why Veronica's home in Portugal is featured in this collection.


If you are a natural builder with a Facebook page or website where you keep a portfolio of your homes then you can add your publication to the Natural Homes Collection. We connect directly to your publication whether it's on Facebook, in a video or on your website. Again, this is a good way for us to work with you and eventually write an article about your work for


Articles on are divided into three content timelines and three levels of engagement. We invite experts in their field to write articles for the highest level of engagement; the practitioner's article. These articles share the author's expertise with our readers. The goal is to publicise your company and help readers learn new techniques to give them the confidence to start their own projects.


Bas De Vries

Bas is a natural builder living in Lithuania on a 5ha homestead. He has many years natural building experience and is the founder of the IZREAL.EU (it's really you) project where he experiments, learns and teaches about natural building and sustainable living. Bas is a Natural Homes partner and co-founder of Permahome.


Marcus Lewitzki

Marcus lives in Sweden, Marcus is a Natural Homes partner and co-founder of Permahome.