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Compliance with DMCA and US Code No.107

Natural Homes is a not-for-profit educational organisation. Our publications are made to provide educational content that enable our readers to adopt practices which include natural building and natural living skills. In that respect we provide an educational support service via our facebook groups. As such every publication on the Natural Homes website and social media pages complies with the DMCA, 1998 and the Copyright Law of the United States of America and Related Laws, Title 17: Code § 107, 2011.

Republication of our work

If you would like to use an image from the Natural Homes facebook page or any of its language pages [see Products in Basic info] or from the Natural Homes website, please contact us at for permission. You can see an example of an approved republication of our work on the Low Impact Living Initiative's website. 

Unless you contact us and we give explicit permission to use our work then you do not have permission to download images from this website removing the connection to the originator of the work. You do not have permission to republish images or image descriptions, the text of the associated article, from this website or the Natural Homes social media sites even if you link back to the original article or post by us.

Why do we use copyright protection?

Our goal is to reach a mainstream audience with our educational message of sustainable natural living. We use written, picture, video and audio assets and publication techniques to carry that message to our audience. Some of the assets we use are copyleft protected, some are copyright protected. All copyright and copyleft protected images are either given to us with permission or are published under the DMCA and US Code No.107. As illustrated above, our work can be republished but you must seek permission. We ask this to leave us with the option to protect the assets provided to us by the people we represent when an organisation or individual republishes the work without proper attribution to the originator. The inappropriate use of an asset from this website or any of its social media site diminishes the efficacy of the asset to carry the positive message of sustainable natural living.

Blocking AdBlockers

Activists who are claiming that javascript detection of Adblock is “illegal” under section 5(3) of the EU Cookie law have misrepresented the action of javascript (and browsers). Inline scripts do not need to be “stored”, and neither receive nor transmit stored user data. On top of that the exceptions to the EU Cookie Law would seem to permit Adblock detection anyway as advertising is “necessary to provide the service”. It should now also be obvious that “information” about the users’ browser (even by the broadest definition of “information”) is not required to block Adblock.

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If you would like to know more about our policy or you would like to republish our work and/or client assets, please leave a comment below.