Green Hamlet is Natural Homes' ecoVillage in beautiful Lithuania.

What are we doing?

Natural Homes writes extensively about natural building and more recently about natural living and homesteading. Since 2011 we have gathered an audience of over a million English and Spanish readers and increasingly they have asked for the opportunity to learn hands-on natural living and building skills, so we bought a farm in Lithuania where we will share our journey and invite you to join us.

Who are we?

Oliver (English) and Inna (Russian) have given up their city life to live in the Lithuanian countryside in a traditional log home on a hill on the edge of woodland just outside a small village. We have 20 acres (8ha) of land with a well, two ponds and 3 acres of woodland where we live a vegan off-grid lifestyle growing our food and harvesting wood to keep us warm in the winter.


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What is natural living?

It's an approach to living where you progressively adopt natural methods, products and materials like eating local food, minimising processed foods and avoiding plastics.

Stay with us ...

We are in the UK at the moment. You are welcome here to stay, bake bread and learn about natural living. We take guests who want to break their sugar and processed food habit. Read some of the reviews our guests have written for us.


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