What people say about our marketing, web and social media services.

Our goal is to help you become independent of web developers and so-called social media marketing gurus that charge thousands of pounds for a website or media strategy. All of the work done with the people below was via Skype meetings with screen sharing. A collection of on-demand meetings with highly focused discussions, decision making and method sharing enabled all of our customers to reach their goals faster than they ever imagined. We only work for ethical and environmentally conscious organisations and companies. If you are a charity we might consider supporting you for free otherwise our fee is £30/hour. Short calls for 5-10 minutes are generally not charged. From the recommendations below the highest fee amounted to just over £750. All of these people are now confidently managing their own websites.




Oliver's support has been invaluable to my businesses development. He has mentored me since 2013 guiding my journey to develop and raise awareness for my charity Get Rugged. Then in 2017 I took a leap of faith by leaving secure employment to start my dream job, building and running a natural home as a holiday house. Oliver's support was worth its weight in gold from the initial idea to the day to day running and promotion. He introduced me to research resources, set me homework, connected me to the best natural builders, helped to choose a quirky brand name and develop my social media resources. He also enabled a significantly large reach (for the charity) to promote the weekly albums I made for people to follow the build process. Thanks to Oliver's support my business, Hobbit Hideaway, received a gold standard award from Green Tourism UK within the first three months of operating. It also won The Best Green Holiday Home Award from the European Holiday Home Association. Oliver has taught me so much. He is such a generous and wise mentor. Periodically I will receive messages from him with suggestions for improvements after making a social media post or an update on my website. He really is a wonderful mentor. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Oliver has been working with me to develop my outdoor activities website and the use of social media to improve my presence on the internet. The experience and journey has been so much more than I ever could have anticipated . Oliver has continued to build upon and share his knowledge and expertise in SEO through social media and my website content. Oliver is a fantastically patient mentor who absolutely gauges when to introduce new information and techniques. You will have many 'light bulb' moments when it all suddenly fits together and you realise the complexity of what you have learnt, it really is a journey! I was very much starting from a point of very little to no knowledge, when I reflect on how far I have come through Oliver's expert and in-depth knowledge and ability to teach at a pace that is right for me I can not believe it! Oliver has continued to support and inspire me and has really enabled me to feel confident and pro-active with my website and business marketing. Thank you Oliver.


I'm a film maker. If, like me, you understand the power of online marketing and social media but are amateurish as a consumer and practitioner, Oliver is your perfect guide. Patient and astonishingly expert, he's a superb teacher, able to calibrate his explanations to your level of understanding and adapt them as your grasp becomes more sophisticated. If you ask Oliver a simple question and there's a slight hesitation before he answers, don't worry, in that moment he's simply come up with a much better question, thought it though several steps beyond what you can imagine, and is formulating the clearest way to explain it to you. As you understand more, you better appreciate the depth and subtlety of his thinking, which combines creativity and integrity with a fantastic grasp of the technology and human behaviour


Oliver is dedicated to getting his message out there, when he helps you he has the same dedication. He eats and sleeps marketing, but as a means to an end, getting the message out there, typically through social media and in very creative and informed ways.

Rather than spend money on a new rammed earth website Oliver recommended getting a professional to design the website's look. I worked with Oliver to validate the design until it was something he new could be implemented successfully and would have future flexibility for my work. Then he mentored me, a complete novice, in web development. I'm now completely independent of web engineers and can respond to changes, create new content and grow my audience without external support.


No one could ever run the risk of mistaking me for being computer literate. So it was with significant trepidation that Oliver took me under his wing in a brave attempt to mentor a 65 year old neophyte in the art of social media. Well, to make a long story short, mentor he did! He spent hour upon patient hour on Skype, emailing and Facebook messaging as he shared with me a tiny bit of his vast knowledge of web site development and social media rubrics. The amazing thing is that all of his instruction worked and I was able, with his guidance, to develop my website and a highly successful cordwood Facebook page. Now that we have been doing this for quite a few years, I regularly ask for guidance when I run into something befuddling. Oliver is always there with a prompt reply to set me on the right path. Because of his kind elucidation, he has helped me to share with others the lessons learned. Friends who run small businesses, social justice, natural building and philanthropic sites have also learned from Oliver's use of etiquette, management, execution and ethics. The "pay it forward" ethos has helped others benefit from his largess.


Well, you don't get yourself millions of followers on Facebook without being a social media marketing genius; which Oliver certainly is. And if he thinks your values are good and you're doing something worthwhile in the world, he will spend time to help you perform better. Luckily for Low Impact he thinks that we are and has given us many hours of his time for free, for which we are very grateful. He is a very knowledgeable, all-round good guy. I wish there were more like him.


Oliver's help with the new Orchard Barn website has been invaluable. He guided me through the challenges of using new software, creating templates, the importance of Open Graph commands, the merits of consistency, and most of all helped me develop a social media strategy. He has mentored me through real challenges and I am so grateful to finally be in control of our website. I totally recommend him at a web, social media and marketing mentor.