A beautiful home for just £150 ($250)


This quaint cob cottage in Deddington, England cost almost nothing to build, just £150 ($250) for the thatching pins. It was built by Michael Buck almost exclusively from materials from his farm. The clay for the cob came from the site and the long straw for the thatch came from nearby fields. Poplars were planted by Michael eight years before they were felled and used for the joists.



Reclaimed floorboards and windows were donated by customers of his local vegetable box scheme. Water comes from an old well and a spring. Michael used no power tools in its construction. The little cottage is used by Michael and seasonal farm workers.

Michael says, "I believe in the idea of houses not costing much. A house does not have to cost the earth; you only need earth to build it."

In the video above the picture right you can see another of Michael's cob buildings, a small work room that catches the sunlight in a very special and magical way.