Black radish for curing a tickly cough



Black radish has a rough black skin with hot flavoured white flesh. Radishes have around twice the vitamin C of carrots but six times less than broccoli. Radish leaves contain almost six times the vitamin C content of their root. As a root vegetable its mineral and vitamin content is about average. Many websites say it is a good source of calcium but broccoli, carrot and celery have significantly more. However, as a source of vitamins and minerals that will store through the winter radish is a winner. 


In Russia when someone has a persistent cough that won't clear they prepare a Black Radish Syrup by pealing the root then slicing it and making layers of root with either sugar or honey. The mix is left in a bowl at room temp until a liquid appears that is taken as 1 tsp 3 times per day. The mix will continue to produce the syrup for several days kept at room temperature away from the sun. The syrup is delicious.