Pumpkin Seeds, a good source of Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Phosphorus.

Grow pumpkin seeds for many of your mineral needs...



Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source for many of the minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Pumpkin seeds have higher levels of Iron (Fe, 8.8mg/100g) than any of the nuts and among the seeds and nuts are highest in Magnesium (Mg, 592mg/100g), Phosphorus (P, 1233mg/100g) and only just beaten in to 2nd place for Zinc (Zn, 7.8mg/100g) by the poppy seed.


The seeds you find in health food shops are from the winter cucurbits (Pepo, Cucurbitaceae) pumpkin whose seeds lack a tough outer hull. They are also known as oil seed pumpkins or Styrian pumpkins. Instead of the hard white seed coating seen in standard pumpkins, these pumpkins have a very delicate skin on the seed that comes off easily.

There are several varieties of pumpkins that have hulless seeds. They include, Lady Godiva, Austria Oil Seed, Gleisdorfer Naked Seeded and Kakai Hulless (pictured here).