Parts of a stall in the Natural Homes Market Place


A stall delivers 10 benefits to your business. Moving from top to bottom these are the main parts of a stall in the Natural Homes Market.  This description uses Sigi Koko's page as an example of how your stall might look.

No.1 This is the site-wide 180 x 150px advert slot. This space is used as one of the earned benefits by the stallholder sharing knowledge in a Natural Homes group. This slot gets millions impressions per month.

No.2 This is the page title. It's an important part of the SEO facility for the page. It should contain the main services you offer and the main region or base you serve.

No.3 The sub-title gives your business name, might repeat your location but should include the area you offer your services.

No.4 This is a collection of icons that link to your website, social media sites, event calendar, preferred social media profile, and either welcome audio or video file.

No.5 If Natural Homes has written an article about your work this is an icon used to link to that article. Providing content for an article gives you a year's exposure in the article stack at No.9.

No.6 Using the main picture from the article at No.5 a branded version is used for Pintrest collectors. The picture is pinned to the appropriate Natural Homes Board and publicised as a collection. 


No.7 Are the social media buttons to encourage sharing of your stall. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all use protocols to maximise the shareability of your page. See part 7 of the set-up instructions.

No.8 This is the album description in the facebook album on your Facebook page. The description should be easy to read, welcoming and indicate the broad collection of services represented by each of the pictures in the album, each of which also have descriptions that tell the potential customer what it is you do. It's a good idea for each description in each picture to have a link to an additional album representing a broader collection of pictures illustrating the service or product.

No.9 Is the article stack found on each article page, of which there are about 700 as of May 2016. When we publicise an article on our pages we can call the article forcing your stall's thumbnail to be displayed at the top of the stack. This is another of the earned rewards for your support to the network in our groups.

No.10 Is your profile picture. If you are a company you could use a team photo. Because we run a people based social network this picture must be of a person or team of people.

No.11 Above the profile picture at No.10 is a caption with your name, the date you joined the market and 3 dots. The dots are a link to your post in the market place group used to manage your stall. This group is currently public but will become private after the transition to the new market from the old is complete.

No.12 This is the collection of pictures in your Facebook or Pinterest portfolio of products and/or services. If you are using a Pinterest portfolio the description at No.8 is not offered. A visitor to your stall does NOT need to be a Facebook or Pinterest user to be able to see and read the pictures in the album. It is advisable to include a link to your website and your contact details in each picture description.

No.13 This is a short bio about you which can end in a 'More...' (at No.14) link to a more complete bio on your website or social media account like LinkedIn or the 'About' in Facebook..

No.15 These are the collection of services, one for each picture in your portfolio at No.12. These are used in the drop-down lists in the market place so readers can find you as a provider for a particular service. Where possible links are made from the service list to any articles on your website that discuss aspects of the service.

No.16 Is a link to an article library on your website or other notable publications like a news article about your work by a 3rd party publisher.

No.17 These are links to your knowledge posts in our Facebook groups. These are another mechanism by which you can earn additional exposure in the network. Collectively these posts demonstrate your broad experience and help potential customers choose you are a service provider. 

No.18 These are video or audio links to more of your work e.g. if you are a builder a tour of one of your homes or a local radio interview etc.