Living sustainably in a new country: advice from members of Permahome




We host a Facebook group called Permahome where members share their experience and knowledge about living sustainably on the land. We discuss organic food production (permaculture), resource management, climate appropriate house design and off-grid technologies as well as small-scale farming, woodland management and social structures such as intentional communities.

The experience members have about how to settle into a country or their reasons to leave it are shared here. To make this knowledge accessible it is collected in these country specific posts.

This service was launched on the 8th of May 2015. As time goes by the knowledge here will grow providing, we hope, valuable help to people looking for a place to settle down and lead a low impact off-grid sustainable life.

Please select the country you are interested in below. Some of the comments may be links to other posts on specific issues. If a country is not yet served please make a comment on this post requesting the country be established in the group.


These posts are not intended as a discussion space but if you are living in the country and you are willing to share your experiences it's helpful to make a comment saying where you are and what your setup is so that people can contact you. Better still is start a discussion on an issue relating to your country and link that discussion (or ask an administrator to do it) with some indication of what it's about in the country specific post. This way the experience you have shared won't be lost. You can see an example of this from Jason Burns in the first comment on the post for England. For a more complete explanation on how this service works please see this post in the Permahome group.

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