Six years after buying his land in Poland, Bogdan has a beautiful home.


Bogdan Pękalski is an experienced self-builder. For years he has designed and created lots of gardens and home interiors for people who appreciated his style. About six years ago he bought a piece of land in Krzywcza, Poland and decided to build his dream house on a hill. he planned, designed and built it on his own trying to match the shape of the building to the landscape.


After years of trial and error he built "Hobbitowa". Some of his friends helped him with the roundwood timber construction and other heavy jobs, but most of the work was his own. Bogdan says,

"It's hard to believe but if you follow your dreams and devote enough time and nerve, everything seems to be possible!"

The house, with a living room, bathroom and two bedrooms, is about 45m2 (484 ft2). Bogdan used roundwood from local willow trees, clay for the interior plaster, lime for the exterior plaster, cob (straw and clay) and stones to build it. The floor is made of cordwood.


The house has a large open-plan living room with a beautiful cordwood floor and an open fire. Sharing the fireplace chimney is a kitchenette with a traditional wood burning stove.

The house is off-grid with its own water well, domestic sewage works and an array of photovoltaic panels for electricity.