Natural building design, hands-on educator & architecture, Pennsylvania, USA.

Build Naturally is based in Pennsylvania and serves Mid-Atlantic & Northeast USA regions.


Sigi Koko, May 2016 ...


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Sigi Koko founded Build Naturally in 1998 to provide sustainable building design and green consulting services in the Mid-Atlantic region.  She works exclusively on projects that are ecologically sensible and on the forefront of sustainable design. She holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin. More...

Services ...

Passive solar design, straw bale, cob, clay plaster, lime plaster, living roofs, rubble trench foundations, adobe floors, natural paints, light clay straw, greywater systems, cob ovens, design, workshops.

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these are miscellaneous photos from workshops or other teaching venues, of me and participants getting down & dirty with...

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