Viking farmstead on the banks of the Gota River in Ale, Sweden.


This Viking farmstead sits on the banks of the Gota River in Ale, a few miles north of Gothenburg, Sweden. Ale has a lot of ancient remains from the Iron Age and Viking periods. This oak home is based on Viking evidence from a wealthy farmer's home. It's 16.5m (54ft) long and 7m (23ft) wide with an oak shingle roof and Celtic knot carvings based on designs from the mid 10th Century.


Sadly Ale farmstead is under threat of closure.  International signatures are valuable to the group's efforts to protect this site. Ale farmstead gives roots, meaning and a place to belong to the many people who recognise their Viking heritage providing a place to hold meetings, markets, weddings, handcraft workshops and ancient celebrations. If like many others your family traces back to the Vikings then please support this petition to Save Ale Viking Farmstead.