A Scottish dry stone blackhouse in Canada.



This impressive dry stone home with green roof was inspired by the traditional Scottish blackhouse. This modern version of the style is however in Canada. The house was built using 126 tons of stone at Eric Landmanís farm near Grand Valley, ON. Notice the steps built into the wall leading up to the chimney and green roof.


The walls of this modern blackhouse are a single solid structure which externally looks similar to the authentic blackhouses pictured right. But a blackhouse actually is a double skin dry stone wall with the cavity between the two filled with peat and topped off with a layer of clay to prevent water getting in to the wall. The clay is then capped with turf to absorbs any excess water.

The roofs of the blackhouses are timber framed and thatched with oat straw. The thatch in this windy part of Scotland, the Isle of Lewis, is kept in place with a web of ropes held in place by stones. This is a technique also used in other windy locations like Seongeup, Korea.

You can read more about the design of a blackhouse here.