Redwood and cedar cabins in the Welsh countryside.


You're looking at accommodation for nine people in the Welsh countryside, two of the natural homes at Cae Mabon in Wales. On the left is a timber framed building known as The Chalet because it ended up looking like it might belong to an alpine landscape. The frame, shingles and cladding are all made from Welsh redwood with sheep’s wool to insulate the walls and ceiling which is made from reed panels.


The cordwood like facade at the front is stacked logs stuck together with cob and a coat of lime, a technique called ‘log stack wall’. The chalet just about sleeps five people.

To the right is a cedar Hogan, a hexagonal log building traditional to the Navajo people in the USA with a pine corbelled roof. The cedar logs were notched with a chainsaw for a perfect fit to keep the wind and rain out. It sleeps four people. Just to the left of the hogan is the Hot Tub.

In the same hamlet of natural homes at Cae Mabon you will find the Celtic thatched storytelling stone roundhouse.


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