The last thing to cook in your cob oven, after making the yoghurt, is the cat.


This is Davor Dolenčić's cob oven in Croatia. It's a double chamber cob oven with a chimney stack in the style of a dragon's head (below).

Cob ovens are stacked with wood and fired to heat the oven chamber. The ashes are removed to bake food like pizza at around 900F (480C). As the oven cools other things like bread are cooked, then roasts, beans and before all the heat has gone you can make yoghurt and then finally, cook a willing cat. This one, who likes to sit in the warm oven, is called Muri.



A double chamber cob oven in Croatia


A double chamber cob oven gives a cleaner burn than a standard cob oven. Ernie Wiseman explains in this video.

It's worth taking a look at other pictures of Davor's beautiful dragon cob oven in his permaculture blog where he shows all of the stages of its construction.

If you would like to see more about how to build your own cob oven then there is a good cob oven guideline written by Ziggy at the Dancing Rabbit ecoVillage.

  Ernie Wiseman's double cob oven  

Ernie Wiseman's talks
about double cob ovens


Davor used Kiko Dernzer's book (right) "Build your own Earth Oven" which he says was a great help and gave him the idea for the shape of a dragon.