A collection of design tips from the kitchen at Cob Cottage Company

It's a beautiful kitchen full of patterns from the design book, 'A Pattern Language' ...



This is Ianto and Linda's kitchen in their cob home in Oregon, USA. They run the Cob Cottage Company and together have inspired many of the world's natural builders. If you are wondering why their kitchen looks so attractive, below are a few of the architectural patterns they used from the book 'A Pattern Language'.


The first glaringly obvious pattern is No.128 indoor sunlight. When you are designing a home arrange the important rooms along the south edge and spread the building out along the east west axis. Pictured above left is a spiral stairway leading to a mezzanine adding pattern No.152 Half-Private Office.

People gravitate to rooms with No.159 light on two sides and along with plenty of light for a No.199 sunny counter the light that enters the room should be softened by No.223 deep reveals. That's where the edge of the window is splayed to create a soft transition of light into the room. The smaller the windows are, with No.239 small panes, the more intensely the window helps to connect you with what is on the other side; like the view of the trees partially hidden by the tea pots, a nice place to put a collection of No.253 things from your life. There are many other patterns but just one last one; cupboards that are too deep hide the things you want to reach so cover walls with narrow No.200 open shelves where nothing hides behind something else.