A replica of a settlers cabin built on the original site in Kitchener, Canada.


This is the restored wash house at the Joseph Schneider Haus, a homestead in Kitchener, ON, Canada. The tiny log cabin once served as the family's summer kitchen where cooking, pickling and preserving, soap and candle making and other work were done away from the farmhouse. This and the farmhouse are now part of a living history museum.


An archaeological dig discovered the foundations of the cabin. Its thought that this was the first house the German settlers built here, with its characteristic corner joints called Pennsylvania joints, before the larger farmhouse was built.

The natural plaster work over the wooden laths inside the cabin was done beautifully and in keeping with all natural homes by Ben at The Lime Plaster Co. where you can see pictures of the cabin's interior. All of the work was done with traditional materials using lime, sand and horse hair, no cements or acrylics.