Natural living in fields of lavender in the Polish countryside


Joanna grows lavender on her small farmstead called Lawendowe Pole in northern Poland. She makes creams, essential oils, scented bags, syrups and other beautiful crafts like felted clothes and bags. Her home, a green spruce log house, originally came from Beskid Niski in the mountains of southern Poland where it was built in 1927. Sadly many of these mountain homes are unloved but this one was rebuilt in the autumn of 1999 in Nowe Kawkowo.


Joanna bought the house for 5,500 Zl ($2,750) and paid 10,000zl ($5,000) to have it moved and re-built. She used moss and clay between the logs to make it airtight. Joanna takes guests at her beautiful home. In the video above (in Polish) Joanna gives a tour of her farmstead. Pictured below right is Joanna's separating funnel, part of the equipment she uses to make lavender oil. You can just see the thin layer of precious pale brown oil floating on the surface of the water.