Knitting your own treehouse with wood from recycled pallets


While you're relaxing in front of the TV (if you have one), you could knit this treehouse. It's inspired by the structure of knitting, with the addition and subtraction of columns that create infinite stretchy forms. The individual bits of wood are hinged on a column of elastic allowing you to change the shape of the walls. You can see more pictures at Matt Studio.


You could make a low cost version of this treehouse using pallet wood but you have to be sure to use pallets that are safe for home projects. International regulations require pallet manufacturers to treat pallet wood either by using chemicals (MB) or heat (HT). A pallet marked with HT (see right) means it has been heat treated or kiln dried. HT pallets are generally safe although the products shipped on them may have contaminated the wood. You should NOT use pallets marked with MB. Only use pallets marked with HT but reject a pallet if it smells, looks oily or is stained. Having selected your HT pallets always wash the planks you've selected with soapy water and allow them to dry before you start your project. To avoid using contaminated wood, be sure to confirm the origin and use of a pallet. Pallets used locally for materials such as textiles or paper products are safest.