A tiny cob house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA


This tiny house, called fig cottage, is at Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute in Chapel Hill, NC, USA. It was built by Greg Allen of Mud Dauber School of Natural Building. You can see the cottage being built in the video right.

Greg Allen studied earthen building at the Cob Cottage Building Company in Oregon with Ianto Evans, then designed and built the beautiful cob cottage.


Most of the cob work was done during a seven day workshop in May of 2009. The roof was built during a weekend green roof workshop just a few weeks later. The cottage is roughly 150 sq.ft. (14m2) and the total material costs were about $1,000. Most of the materials came from the land with others salvaged from here and there. The cottage had a maintenance overhaul in summer of 2013 to repair some of the plaster and replace the fascia boards.