The stone cottages of Robin Hood's Bay, England


This is 'Sunny Place' in the small costal community of Robin Hood's Bay, England. The stone houses in this narrow street were built from around 1620 like 'The Old Bakehouse', built in 1639 and 'Fenay Cottage', built in 1628.

These beautiful quirky homes are full of character and will be loved and lived in for many more centuries to come.

Here's more about the community with an extensive history including piracy and smuggling. In the 18th-century it was through smuggling villages like Robin Hood's Bay that 80% of Britain's tea was smuggled into the country. At the time one pound (450g) of tea was worth a week's wage to the average worker. See the video right...

Traditional masonry walls like these are built with lime mortars. A lime stone wall is flexible, any movement being absorbed by the mortar. There is no need for special expansion joints found in modern building methods. Properly maintained using traditional methods and materials these homes will stand for many more centuries.