Inspired by SunRay Kelly, artist and natural builder


SunRay Kelley has created a magical place where he practices what he calls evolutionary architecture where you make plans, but if a better idea comes along you change your plans.


The natural buildings on SunRay's homestead have names like Sky House and The Yogurt, a cross between a yoga studio and a yurt. You can take a tour of the homestead with SunRay in the video above and watch more inspirational natural building videos from the collection right.

"The natural world is to me known as the magic kingdom... It's a magical place. There's a lot of magic going on in this world that most people don't even know is happening. That's certainly where all my inspiration comes from."

"All building was natural building a hundred years ago. So it's not that far back. In order to go forward we have to go backward... We want to return to a cooperation with nature"