Tony's roundhouse, the Welsh government's flagship for low-impact living.


Tony Wrench built his cordwood roundhouse in the winter of 1997/8 tucked away in the Welsh countryside you can literally walk within a few meters of it and not see it.


Tony couldn't get planning permission for the home and by 2004 he was on the verge of demolishing it when the public overwhelmingly stood side by side to support his planning application. Tony managed to keep the home until he was able to re-apply under Pembrokeshire's new Low Impact Policy.


By 2008 Tony had permission to keep his home and now it is the flagship home for the Welsh government's guidelines for development of settlements in the open countryside called 'One Planet Developments' where Tony's home appears on the cover (left) of the Technical Advice Note 6 (PDF 6Mb), otherwise known as TAN6.

People like Tony and his supporters have helped to make other low-impact settlements possible like Lammas ecoVillage where among others Simon Dale now lives, not a stones throw from another famous roundhouse. Tony shares his roundhouse building experience in his book (right) 'Building a Low Impact Roundhouse'.