Urasa, a summer house of the Yakuts of South Siberia, Russia.


This is the summer house of the Yakuts hunters and reindeer herders of South Siberia, Russia. It's called a Urasa. The frame of the urasa is made from slender timber poles resting on an internal circle of ornately decorated sturdy pillars. The frame is covered in birch bark which has been boiled in milk to give in elasticity and strength.


As you might expect, at the top of the urasa is a hole for sunlight which also acts as a chimney and draws out the rather large Yakutia mosquitoes when a fire is burning. This urasa is part of the Museum of Friendship (website in Russian).

The urasa has a diameter of about 5-7m (15-21ft) made from 10 to 12 poles about 2 meters tall arranged in a henge. Poles, around 8m tall, lean against the henge about 0.25m apart and covered in birch bark.