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We host our member's workshops in our Facebook groups. You don't need to be a member of the group to access the collection of workshops and events but you do need to be a Facebook user. Select from the workshop calendars below. 


Natural Living (new)

Things like growing food, crafts such as basket weaving, healthy eating, natural cosmetics.


Homesteading (new)

Things like small-scale farming, woodland management, off-grid technologies.


Natural Building

Things like building with straw bales, cob, hempcrete, roundwood timber framing and thatching.


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Share your workshops with over 2 million people. Natural Homes provides a FREE professionally managed social network for artisans, homesteaders and natural builders to publicise their workshops and events. We have three workshop calendars (above) that are hosted in our Facebook groups. Here's a more detailed explanation of how the service works if you need it.

To make a workshop or event post use this FORMAT:

Title (include important search terms), Date (only post in the month the event begins. If the start date is unknown you may use To Be Announced e.g. TBA October), Location (area, state, country) and Event Link (your website or Facebook event).

IMPORTANT: You must follow the format. If you don't, the entry will be deleted and the administrator may not have the time to tell you. If the administrator does contact you PLEASE don't complain, just follow the format. There are many reasons why we have a format. We don't have the time to explain it one-to-one with all our members.

OR TWEET a workshop (course) or event using one of the tags: #workshop OR #course OR #event AND...




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