Dindang Natural Building School, Thailand


Dindang natural building school, established by Rewat Thongbunchu AKA Bow, is in a small village called Paksong, in the Phato district of southern Thailand. Most people in the village work in one of the many small plantations growing fruit, palm and rubber trees. The village is surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and vast areas of lush rainforest that in places have reclaimed past civilisations.


Rewat introduces the natural building school: see video button above



The buildings at Dindang are made with a variety of natural building methods, among them bamboo wattle and daub, cob, adobe and palm thatching with decorative plaster designs, called pargeting, portraying the rainforest that surrounds the village. Unfortunately, as modern building methods were introduced in the Phato area, the traditional techniques of clay house building were largely forgotten. By setting up a natural building school, Dindang hopes to bring back the traditional building knowledge to the community to make life easy again.




making adobe bricks


cob bench under palm thatch


river shells decorating a clay home