Find an ecoVillage or Intentional Community


There's nothing new about the concept of the ecoVillage. People have always lived together in small communities sharing skills and supporting each other as they grow their food.


The only difference is the 'eco' part. Hundreds of years ago everything was 'eco' as Sunray Kelley notes in this interview about natural building. Only with the advent of industrial processes that are collectively damaging the environment have we recognised a need to return to a more natural 'eco' way of life. Many people still live a low-impact life in small communities all over the world. They grow their food together, build their homes together and contribute to the community with their particular skills providing each other and neighbouring communities with local goods and services. Making the transition to an ecoVillage or Intentional Community is no easy task. To help you connect with opportunities to join established and developing communities we keep an EcoVillage List in our Facebook group Talking Natural Homes.

Listing your ecoVillage

If you represent an Intentional Community or ecoVillage or you are a group of people hoping to establish a new community then you can register your project on the EcoVillage List. Your post will be reviewed and you may be contacted to clarify details. This listing is not an opportunity for selling private plots of land. It is only for established or newly forming ecoVillages. An entry to the list should look like this: LOCATION (area, state, country), DESCRIPTION (3-4 lines in English), and a LINK (your Community Website or Facebook page).

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