Find a Natural Home for your next holiday...


One of the best ways to decide what type of natural home you would like to build is to spend some time living in one. Some of the homes here are independent self-catering, others offer hotel accommodation and some are B&B rooms in the owner's home. Even if your visit is short you will learn so much about the materials and techniques used to build these beautiful homes. This is the full list of natural homes for rent in our Facebook group.

In many cases the owners will share their knowledge and experience of building with you and encourage you to build your own home.

Our collection of holiday homes is kept in our Facebook to allow the owners to list and maintain details for you without having to wait for us to publish their home on this website. If you are a home owner and you would like to list your natural home with us details are here.


El Bolson, Argentina


This is Silvestre Village Inn near Mallin Ahogado, El Bolson, Patagonia in Argentina. The inn is set in the woods and the grounds of the CIDEP Permaculture Centre.

The inn is a roundwood frame with light clay and wattle & daub walls with a green roof.

The inn has two rooms for two people each with kitchenette, dining room and bathroom.

Details at Posada Aldea Silvestre.


Cornwal, England


This is the roundhouse at Bodrifty Farm in Cornwall, England. All of Britain was once covered with roundhouses; a simple shape enclosing the largest space for the least use of materials.

The Roundhouse is a wonderful and authentic replica of a Celtic chief’s thatched roundhouse and is one of the only structures of its kind in the World. The Roundhouse offers the unique chance to step back in time into Cornwall’s and England’s distant Celtic past.

Details at Hidden Hideaways.



Gualala, CA, USA


Tiny Cob Cottage...

This wonderful tiny cob home was built by apprentices of the SunDog School of Natural Building in Northern California, USA.

The cute little cob cottage features a little wood fired Rocket Mass Heater for heating, 12 volt off-grid electricity with USB and automotive outlets and views of the redwood forest.

More details on AirBnB.


Bines Green, West Sussex, UK


Roundwood Cottage...

Like many others when Alan Griffiths saw Ben Law's cottage in Prickly Nut Woods he fell in love with the architecture and its sustainability credentials. Like Ben's own home, all the structural wood and the cedar shingles were grown locally

The house is on a working dairy farm on the edge of the South Downs National Park, this unique roundwood timber, straw bale and cedar shingle holiday cottage is the perfect spot to escape and unwind.

More details at Withyfield Cottage.


Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, Wales


Straw Bale House...

Rachel lived off-grid in a shed in her woodland in Wales, carrying water from a local spring, using candlelight, a gas stove and a compost loo. She loved it, but the shed was small, so she built a straw bale extension onto it with the help of some friends. From this humble start she has built what has become an iconic home winning the 2009 Grand Designs eco-house award.

Quiet Earth Retreat is a two storey load bearing straw bale house with open plan kitchen-living room and an upstairs large studio which can offer a luxury bedroom or space for a group. Stunning views over the Welsh landscapes and beaches.

More details on AirBnB.


Vas, Hungary


Tiny Cordwood Cottage...

The cottage is a half-roundwood timber frame with a roundwood reciprocal roof and an infill of cords of wood with cob (clay, sand and straw) mortar. You can see the construction stages on their Facebook page Hegy tanyak Hungary.

A cobwood cottage on a small scale ecological farm on the edge of Orseg National Park. Details (in Dutch) at Hegytanyak


Linzerbot, Nax, Switzerland


Big Bale Straw Bale Hotel...

Lisa and Louis took 250 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and locked it into the walls of their straw bale guesthouse in the beautiful alpine valley of Val d'Herens in Switzerland.

A Big Bale, straw bale hotel ideal for nature lovers and for recharging your batteries in any season.

Details at Maya Hotel.


Llanberis, Gwynedd, Wales


Cae Mabon hamlet nestles in an oak forest clearing by a little river that cascades down to the nearby lake. There are a collection of naturally built homes where people can stay.

Pictured on the left is a Welsh redwood timber framed building known as The Chalet. On the right is a cedar Hogan, a hexagonal log building traditional to the Navajo people in the USA with a pine corbelled roof.

Details at Cae Mabon.