The Natural Homes Map. A collection of homes built by Natural Builders.


The Natural Homes Map shows homes built from natural sustainable materials with links to the natural builder's or owner's web site. Please contact us to add more homes to the map or add a natural home yourself.


If you want to include the natural homes map in your own blog, then please cut and paste the code below in to your web site editor. This code displays all natural homes.



There are lots of ways you can use the map. The map takes three inputs. A construction type, a builder or community group of houses, and a location. To pass your input to the map you use the character '?' The construction types are: all, strawbale, cob, earthship, hempcrete, timber, energy, strawclay, earthbag, ricehull and cordwood. To display all straw bale houses on the map use the input ?strawbale.

To add a second input use the character '@'. The input ?strawbale@amazonails will display all the straw bale homes built by Amazonails (Now StrawWorks and StrawBuild). The map automatically centres on the group of houses so that you see the entire collection.

If you want to display all straw bale homes near Sacramento, USA, then you need define a location. This has three parts separated by commas latitude, longitude and zoom level. To display all straw bale homes around Sacramento you need to input ?strawbale@all@38.57,-121.48,6

We hope you will enjoy using the map and help to promote natural building across the World. If you are a builder and you would like to add the homes you have built then please contact us at


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