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Add a cob or straw bale home to the map...

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Welcome, you can now add your natural home to the map. You can add a cob house, earthshp, straw bale home or any of the following types.

natural building
cobstraw hemp timberoff-grid cordwood earthbag rice claystraw

The natural homes map has also gone multilingual displaying dual languages, English and the home's mother tongue. Here is an example of a straw bale map in German and English Baubiologie

Once you add a home here it will be transferred to the natural homes map and will feature on about 50 other web sites around the World. The natural homes map gets about 1,500 visitors per day so your additions to the map will be enjoyed by many people. If the house you want to add is a hybrid, then select the building type most used in the construction of the house.

Select a country from the list below to add a home to the map. You are not restricted to your own country and can zoom out to other countries to add homes but you should still use the language of the country you selected. If you need help this symbol will contain a guide.

Maybe you are just dreaming about a home. You can add that too. Just select greenHamlet and put your dream ecohome on the map. Maybe you can start an ecoVillage.

The homes you add require a description in the country's own language and also in English. If you feel your English is not good enough, don't worry, we will correct any mistakes you might make.
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