Publicising your book, DVD or event via Natural Homes ...


Marketing an event, book or DVD in the social media space is not just a matter of getting it mentioned on popular facebook pages or tweeted by people with lots of followers. Probably the worst way to promote your work is to distribute a marketing graphic or PDF file thinking it will be re-shared and acted upon. If you want Natural Homes to publicise your work we want to do it well. The best way to get your book, DVD or event noticed is for us to write an article about some aspect of it.


For example, if you have written a book about natural homes then we could write about one of the homes in the book and invite our audience to buy your book to read more. If your book is about a specific aspect of natural building then we could write about a building technique covered in your book. If you are running an event about natural building e.g. a straw bale conference, then we could write about the work of some of the speakers at the conference. Here is an example article publicising a straw bale roundhouse workshop, and this an example of publicising a natural building book.

An article on Natural Homes gets constant exposure and is re-publicised on our Facebook page multiple times and is also likely to be translated into other major languages like Spanish and Russian. This approach to supporting your hard work is much better than simply posting a graphic or PDF on our facebook page. NOTE: We need at least 2 months notice to be able to publicise an event with an article. It is not possible to implement an effective marketing plan in the month before a major event, but can always add your event to our natural building or natural living event listings.

We hope the extra effort will be well worth your while. As of March 2016 Natural Homes has over 2 million Facebook followers growing at over 15,000 per week, over 75,000 group members and around 20,000 daily web visitors with about 4 million article reads per month. Your article advert (fed to all other articles) will be seen about 10,000 times per month and be publicised several times per year to our growing audience on our Facebook pages.