We share our 2 million+ fans, 75,000+ members and 20,000+ daily web visitors ...

By sharing your natural building and/or natural living knowledge with our group members at least once per month, and responding regularly to members' questions, naturalhomes.org will promote your business and archive your knowledge so readers can benefit from your expertise.

There are 10 benefits to being a Natural Homes Expert ...

You get a web page that features your portfolio of services or products. See an example here Sigi Koko and a description of its parts here.

Your page will be shared once a year on our Facebook page [English or Spanish], value $100 .

Enquires for product and service providers in our groups (70,000+ members) are referred to the experts.

Membership of our marketing group where you will get FREE support on issues like social media marketing and SEO etc.

If you are a natural builder your buildings will be available as a portfolio of your work in the Natural Homes Collection.

Earning EXTRA exposure ...

Natural Homes goal includes reaching out to the mainstream with a positive message about natural living skills. We host three Facebook natural living groups where members share their knowledge and skills (see some examples by Sigi Koko: a, b, c, d) and answer each other's questions. We provide experts with extra market reach in return for their support to the network. This includes:

Placing your expert's thumbnail at the top of the article stack when we share an article in our Facebook pages. See this example using Sigi Koko's page in this article about a cob house in Poland. Her expert's thumbnail is at the top of the article stack

Including your expert's thumbnail in the article stack so it is served randomly to all articles in the appropriate language [English, Spanish, Russian] on our website. Your expert's thumbnail (advert) will typically get around 10,000 impressions per month.

Provide us with content to write an article using this content management process and we will place your experts's thumbnail in the article stack for 1 year giving you about 120,000 impressions. You will also be added to the appropriate Pinterest album e.g. Natural Homes Building Services.

Publicising your expert's page in the site wide 180 x 150px advert on the top right of each page. Note, naturalhomes.org currently gets 3-4 million page reads per month.

30% discount on our one-to-one marketing, web and social media mentoring. The service is delivered using skype. Read more about our mentoring service and what our customers say.




"Always there with a prompt reply to set me on the right path."



"I am so grateful to finally be in control of our website.



"A font of wisdom and knowledge, with an ever calming presence."



"A fantastically patient mentor who absolutely gauges when to introduce new information."



"Patient and astonishingly expert, he's a superb teacher."

How does it work?

Once your page is live on naturalhomes.org your contributions to the groups will be archived in your page. The more you share your knowledge the more reach you will earn in the network.

Become a Natural Homes Expert


Your expert's webpage includes your bio, work portfolio, social media and future contributions to the network. When your webpage is live you get a post [4] on our Facebook page.

Share your knowledge and support others


You're an expert at what you do. When you share knowledge by making posts in the group and answering other's questions your contributions are saved to your expert's page 1,2,3...  See Sigi Koko's page.

Your page will be publicised on our website


The more you contribute to the group (the network) the more your expert's page will be publicised. Like at [1] by adding your page to the naturalhomes.org article stack . Or by placing your page at the top of the stack [2] when we share an article in our Facebook pages. Or giving you a site-wide advert [3].

And on our facebook pages


When you open an expert's page you get one post per year on the Natural Homes Facebook page [4] but you can earn extra posts by contributing to the community.


How do I open an Expert's Page?

There are 9 steps to become a Natural Homes Expert (the short description) ...

Join Talking Natural Homes (builders) or The Kitchen Table (artisans) or Permahome (land custodians) which ever is appropriate.

Make sure the 'About' of your Facebook profile includes your Facebook page in the "Work and education" section (example).

Join the Expert's Group where we manage your page. Unless you have followed steps 1 and 2 above your request will be ignored.

Create your portfolio in a Facebook page album or a Pinterest board, one picture per service and write an album description (example).

Each picture must describe a service or product. Ideally include a link to another album that illustrates more examples of the service.

Post your album in the group for the administrator to check. It will be used to make the first draft of your page

The administrator will post a link to your page in the group. This post will be used to discuss changes, updates and issue the invoice.

Comment in your page's post with all the details we need to launch your page e.g. website, audioboom file, profile picture, service tags etc.


Here are some of the experts ...


Additional details about steps 1-9 above ...

If you aren't already a member please join either Talking Natural Homes or The Kitchen Table or Permahome which ever is appropriate for your service. Why do we ask this? We want you to contribute to the conversations in our groups. This actually makes good sense because it gives you the opportunity to engage with potential customers but also to help encourage others to adopt natural living skills.


If you haven't done so already, please add your Website or Facebook Page to your Facebook profile via 'Work and education' and make it 'Public' so the administrator can see your work. If the administrator can't see your services in some way then sadly your request to join might be ignored. Why do we ask this? Because many people ask to join the group not realising only artisans and builders are eligible.


Join the Natural Homes Market group. You should post your page album immediately otherwise you will be removed from the group. However you can join again later when you have the time to post.


Create an album of your work in either your Facebook page or in a Pinterest board. The album should contain 1 example for each service or product you want to offer. If you are using Facebook to host your portfolio make sure to add an album description.


You need to tell us how your expert's page should look when someone shares it in social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We need three things. They are not visible on your page but they are used by social media:

1. A picture to illustrate your service or product e.g. a house you've built. Here are some tips for taking pictures of buildings.
2. The title that will be displayed under the picture, 30 characters or less.
3. The paragraph that is displayed under the title, 90 characters or less.
4. Choose if you want your Facebook page link or profile link included after the naturalhomes.org domain.
5. The default text of the Twitter button, 100 characters or less. Note 40 characters needed for the page URL.

The collection of details that should be included on your page (visible to readers) are as follows:


Page title:

This should include your main products or services and your base country. See Earthen Built's page. Try to word this to include important search terms to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation). The page title is a 'header' important for SEO.

Page sub-title:

This begins with your company name followed by your location and the region you serve. You may use the UN List to identify the correct region.  The sub-title is a header still important for SEO but less than the title.


You can have up to six buttons above your profile picture. We recommend you include either an audio or a video welcome as one of your collection. The buttons available are:

Your internet site e.g. your website and/or Facebook page



Your website or Facebook events



Your audioboom welcome message or video welcome message



Your preferred social media profile


Your shop, either on your website or a 3rd party provider like



This is your picture or your team picture if you are a company. This picture is visible in the page. A caption of your name and the month your page was established will be written above the picture. After the date you will see three dots "...". These are a link to your post in the Expert's Group where you can specify updates for the page.


Some words about you and your company.


A paragraph that describes the services and products you offer.


A collection of other media either video and/or audio. These will include links to the contributions you have made to the group where the post has triggered a lively conversation with members. 


Our criteria for being a Natural Homes Expert ...

Natural Homes is a not-for-profit organisation that redresses the marketing balance between sustainable and unsustainable businesses by providing environmentally ethical, but often less profitable, natural builders, crafts people and environmental organisations with access to a mainstream audience. We support three main categories of providers.

Natural Builders and Natural Materials Suppliers

If you are a natural builder using materials and techniques such as straw bale, cob, adobe, traditional timber framing, cordwood etc. then you are eligible to be an expert. Step 1 of the joining procedure asks you to join one of our Facebook groups in which case Talking Natural Homes is the right group for you.

Natural Material Artisans

If you are an artisan using natural materials to make utilitarian products then you are eligible to become a Natural Homes Expert. Step 1 of the joining procedure asks you to join one of our Facebook groups in which case The Kitchen Table is the right group to join. Included in this group are providers such as greenwood chair makers, artisans using traditional skills such as hand made quilts, tatters, basket weavers, book binders, wooden and clay toy makers etc. It also includes specialist tool makers for artisans such a carving axes.

Homestead and Permaculture Service Providers

If you are an organisation or company helping others to live naturally then you are eligible to become a Natural Homes Expert. Step 1 of the joining procedure asks you to join one of our Facebook groups in which case Permahome will be the right group to join. Included in this group are providers such as seed saving organisations, health practitioners, feng shui experts etc.