A cob cottage by CobWorks, Canada


The beautiful cob home is owned by Alexis and her partner who together keep sheep that provide wool for her cottage business. It was the first fully permitted cob house in Canada built as a collaboration CobWorks, Cob Cottage Company and Elke Cole with a team of volunteers.


The roof of the home is totally load bearing on the cob walls. The house is 600 sq.ft (56m2) on 2 floors and cost about $56,000 (£35,000) to build. Pat's ultimate goal is to build a '10 Mile House', where every material required for the construction of a home comes from within 10 miles of the building plot. Few natural buildings use entirely local materials but here are a few: Ben Law's roundwood cottage, James O’Keefe's oak playhouse, Michael Buck's cob cottage in England and Menthe Mawaw's tiny woodland cottage in France.