A cordwood roundhouse by Tony Wrench at Denmark Farm, Wales



This is the cordwood roundhouse at Denmark Farm in Wales, sitting in their 40 acre nature reserve where they run all sorts of courses. The roundhouse was built in 2008 by Tony Wrench leading a collection of over 60 volunteers. It's used for environmental education, school visits, bushcraft workshops and even the odd birthday party. It is a lovely circular space and which leaves everyone who spends time in it with a positive and warm memory. You can watch all the stages in the construction of the roundhouse in this video.

  Cordwood Roundhouse by Tony Wrench  

Tony has built many roundhouses around Europe and lives in one he built in 1997. You can see it in the video right. Tony is an expert in building reciprocal roofs, a self-supporting spiral of timbers where each timber rests on the next and needs no central support. It leaves a round skylight that brings light into the room.