An Ornée Cottage in Kilcommon, Ireland by John Nash


This is Swiss Cottage near Kilcommon, South Tipperary in the heart of Ireland. It was built in 1810, a fine example of a style called ornée, or ornamental cottage. The cottage, with its roundwood pillars, was designed by the architect John Nash. Sadly, when this home was built, there used to be a hamlet of cottages nearby, but the overly rich owners had them removed because they spoilt the view. They would probably be a tourist attraction if they had survived. The interior of the cottage is very ornate.


John Nash is perhaps most famous for designing Buckingham Palace but he also designed the picturesque cottage (below) in Blaise Hamlet near Bristol, England.


A common feature in his cottage designs are the cascading roofs, Pattern No.116 in Alexander's 'A Pattern Language', although not written at the time. The roof of Swiss Cottage was last thatched in 1982 by Master Thatcher Hugh O'Neill with reed. Reed thatching typically lasts for 30-50 years. Other thatch materials are rush 3-5 years, bracken root 5-10 years, heather 20-30 years and long wheat straw 15-25 years.