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Italy's first Straw Bale Home

Straw bale house, Italy

This was the first straw bale house built in Italy. It's a timber frame infill with clay plasters on the inside and lime plaster on the exterior and earthen floors.

Straw bale house in Denmark

Straw bale house, Denmark

Poula-Line built her straw bale home in Fri & Fro (Free and Happy) ecoVillage in Egebjerg, Denmark.

Cob roundhouse, USA

Straw bale roundhouse, USA

The clay plastering and earthen floor was done by Anna Wolfson and the thatched roof is by William Cahill.

A straw bale, cob and earthbag cottage in Finland

Earthbag, cob and straw bale house, Finland

The roof of this tiny cottage in Finland is made from a ring of roundwood timbers.

A tiny woodland straw bale house

A woodland straw bale house, Wales

Part of the inspiration for Simon's home was his neighbour Tony Wrench who pioneered the reciprocal roof.

Cosy and warm in Rachel's straw bale home

Straw bale house, Wales

Rachel built this beautiful straw bale home almost exclusively with women.

Thatched Straw Bale Studio in Oxford, MI, USA.

Straw bale house, USA

The straw bale home has a phragmite reed thatched roof, earthen plasters with natural paints and uses solar electricity.

load bearing two storey straw bale barn, England

Straw bale barn, England

It's a two storey load bearing straw bale barn. The ground and first floor are for bird-watching.

Tiny straw bale house, Denmark

Tiny straw bale house, Denmark

This is Poula's tiny straw bale room. She built it as a temporary place to live while she was building her straw bale home.

Straw bale homes in an ecoVillage, Denmark

EcoVillage straw bale house, Denmark

This is a taste of Fri & Fro (Free and Happy) ecoVillage in Egebjerg, Denmark.

Straw bale house, Ireland

Straw bale house, Ireland

This is The Spiral House in County Mayo, Ireland. It was built in 2003 by Barbara Jones.

Straw bale house, Denmark

Straw bale spiral house, Denmark

Poula-Line built her straw bale house in Fri & Fro (Free and Happy) ecoVillage in Egebjerg, Denmark.

Bib bale hotel, Switzerland

Big Bale Straw Bale Hotel in Switzerland

Lisa and Louis took 250 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere when they built their straw bale guesthouse.

Straw bale house bathroom, Wales

Straw bale bathroom, Wales

This is the door to Rachel's bathroom in her lovely straw bale home in Wales.


Roundwood and barley bale house, England

This is Ben Law's roundwood and straw bale house and beautiful garden in Prickly Nut Wood near Lodsworth, West Sussex, UK.


Straw bale house, Poland

This is a straw bale home built by natural building architect Paulina. The cosy cottage is near Warsaw in Poland.

Straw bale house interior, Wales

Straw bale living room, Wales

This is Rachel's living room inside her straw bale home in Wales. The home stands on a hill up a narrow path above the 12th century Abbey.

Straw bale roundhouse, Wales

Straw bale house, Wales

It took Charlie about a year to build his straw bale home in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Straw bale vineyard, USA

Straw bale winery, USA

The building is the straw bale tasting room at Black Ankle Vineyard in Mount Airy, Maryland, USA.


Straw bale home, Canada

Chris built the straw bale house in 2004 using earthen plasters and all local materials. It's an off-grid home without a straight wall in the house.

Straw bale house, Wales

Straw bale house, Wales

How wonderful to wake to the sun streaming in the window of the straw bale home you built with your young family as it lights the view of the Welsh valleys.

Straw Bale House, Wales

Straw bale house, Wales

The structure of the house comes from the interlaced bales pinned with hazel rods and plastered with lime.


Straw bale cottage, USA

The cottage has a rubble trench foundation with exterior straw bale walls plastered with lime outside and clay inside.