The cob cottage at Cae Mabon, Wales.


This is the cob cottage at Cae Mabon in Wales. The cottage was built in 2004 by 25 people, on and off, over two weeks mixing cob early in the morning and then building with it later in the day. The building project was lead by Ianto and Linda of Cob Cottage. It's a very magical place with a tree spirit and a storytelling roundhouse.


One of the best ways to decide what type of natural home you would like to build is to spend some time living in one. Cae Mabon offers accommodation for its workshop guests. It's a good place to see a wide variety of naturally built homes to help you understand the sort of building you might want to build yourself. You will find Cae Mabon, with other places where you can stay in natural homes, on the Natural Homes Holiday List.