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Weavers cottages, Bibury, England

14th century stone cottages, England

William Morris called Bibury in Gloucestershire, "The most beautiful village in England".

A wobbly dry stone wall, Canada

Dry stone wall, Canada

This wobbly wall is winding its way across Ontario, Canada. It was built by Dean McLellan with John Rimmington near Coburg Ontario.

Interior view of an Iclandic 18th century fishing station

Stone and turf, Iceland

This is one of Iceland's 18th century fishing stations.

Jaime Filipe, Portuguese Land Artist

Stone arch landscape art, Portugal

This arch is on  the edge of a river that winds its way through the Parque Paleozoico de Valongo.

Stone, timber and turf building, Iceland

Stone and turf building, Iceland

"When one creates green roofs the houses themselves become part of the landscape." Freidensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000).

Dry stone cistern by Thea Alvin

Dry stone water cistern, USA

This is 500 tons of Colorado sandstone, some gravity and Thea Alvin floating 12 feet (4m) down at the bottom.

Thatched Blackhouse in Scotland

Blackhouses, Scotland

These are the stone blackhouses of Gearrannan on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Originally built to share with farm animals.

Stone, timber and turf fishing station, Iceland

Stone fishing station, Iceland

This is one of Iceland's fishing stations under a big cold Icelandic sky. It's built using thick dry stone walls with a timber roof under thick insulating layers of turf.

Stone blackhouse, Canada

Stone blackhouse, Canada

This is a traditional Scottish dry stone home called a Blackhouse however it's in Canada. Here are some in blackhouses in Scotland.

Stone cottages,  Robin Hood's Bay, England

Stone cottages, England

This is Sunny Place in the small costal community of Robin Hood's Bay, England.

Matmata cave living room

The cave homes of Matmata, Tunisia

The homes are built by digging down to form a large courtyard and then excavating into the walls to form caves.

The cave homes of Matmata, Tunisia

Cave homes, Tunisia

The homes are grouped around a central courtyard and connected to other courtyards with more rooms forming an underground maze.

Cave homes, Turkey

Cave homes, Turkey

Ortahisar is one of the many villages that occupy this labyrinth of caves where thick walls keep the homes cool in the 40C summers.

The caves of Guyaju, China

Cave homes, China

The homes, some with stylish pillars of stone, are arranged in two village clusters supplied with fresh water from a natural spring.

Celtic Roundhouse, Wales

Celtic roundhouse, Wales

In keeping with Welsh Celtic style the stone roundhouse is decorated at its entrance by Celtic knotwork.


Cave home interior, Turkey

This is the living room in Evelien's beautiful home in Ortahisar, Turkey. Her home is partly carved from the rocks and partly built with the local stone.