Traditional Timber Framed Homes around the World




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A green oak timberframs house, Devon, England

Oak frame house, Devon

This beautiful home in Devon, England called Seagull House, was traditionally framed in oak. It was converted from a barn.

500 year old English oak roof

Oak framed roof, England

You are looking at oak timbers as they were built over 500 years ago.

The half-timbered medieval homes of Dinan, France

Half-timbered medieval homes, France

The lane is lined with stone and half-timbered 14th to 16th century homes.

Oak frammed house, France

Thatched Oak Frame Town Hall, France

It was originally built in the nearby town of Selles, 12Km away, in 1420 by English carpenters during the Hundred Years War.

Thatched oak cottage, England

Thatched oak framed house, England

This oak and wattle & daub cottage is already 500 years old and will most likely survive the next 500 too.

Thatched oak cottages, England

Thatched oak cottages, England

These are some of the oak frame wattle & daub cottages in Wherwell, England that were built in the early 16th century.

Japanese joinery, oak, cherry and a dragon in the Czech Republic

Japanese joinery

This is the entrance to one of the 400 year old stone houses on the banks of the Vltava River.

Oak framed homes, France

Oak framed medieval streets, France

This is Rue Haute Voie, one of the many oak framed medieval streets in Dinan, France.


Roundwood and barley bale house, England

This is Ben Law's roundwood and straw bale house and beautiful garden in Prickly Nut Wood near Lodsworth, West Sussex, UK.

Green oak home, England

Oak framed house, England

This is a traditionally pegged green oak framed home built by Steve Gumble of Harts of Oak in England.

An oak Viking Farmsead, Ale, Sweden

Viking farmstead, Sweden

This oak home is based on Viking evidence from a wealthy farmer's home.

Borgund stave church, Norway

800 year old church, Norway

This is one of Norway's stave churches. Stave churches are typically some 8m (26ft) tall made entirely from wood without a single nail.

Log house, Canada

Settlers cabin in Kitchener, Canada

The natural plaster work over the wooden laths inside the cabin was done beautifully and in keeping with all natural homes by Ben at The Lime Plaster Co.

Tiny Swedish woodland house

A tiny house inspired by Saami Torvkata and Yurts

Taking inspiration from Saami (native Scandinavians) torvkata (turf hut) and yurts, Daniel cut a 3m x 3m hole into a sunny hillside 1.5m deep.