Natural homes for less than 10K ...




These nine homes have all been built for less than 10,000 GBP (about $15,000). They are built using lime, straw, stone, roundwood, clay, reed and turf. Below you can read about each of these homes and follow links to more information. You will find some of the following buttons above each of their pictures:

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£9,000 in Wales


Cassie and Nigel built their straw bale roundhouse in Lammas ecoVillage in Pembrokeshire, Wales for £9,000 ($14,000). Like many roundhouses it has a reciprocal roof. All of the clay and timber for their home came from their land and the community woodland. The straw bales from a local farm.

Together at their small holding called Plas Helyg (Welsh for 'Willow Place') they teach others how to build beautiful, natural, warm and healthy inexpensive homes.


€500 in Denmark


This is the beautiful work of Bjarne Wickstrom in Gislev, Denmark. Bjarne is a natural builder who specialises in rorvøv, an interwoven reed lath. This beautiful little 10m2 (107sq.ft.) house was built for his son Mikkel. All in all the tiny home cost about 3,500 Krone ($500).not including the hours invested building which were a few hours a day during weekends and holidays and a workshop which lasted 7 days. Bjarne estimates the total effort was about 50 man-days (400 working hours). He says that with the help of family and friends it is possible for most people to build a tiny house like this without craftsman, training or experience.


$1,000 in USA


This wonderful tiny cob home was built by apprentices of the SunDog School of Natural Building under the watchful eye of Kirk (above) in Northern California, USA.

The cottage is heated by a rocket stove that winds its heat under the floor before leaving through the chimney. The material costs for the tiny home were just under $1,000. Here are the main stages in the build.



Less than $5,000 in Poland


Joanna's green spruce log house originally came from the mountains of southern Poland where it was built in 1927. Sadly many of these mountain homes are unloved. Joanna bought the house for 5,500Zl ($1,500) and paid 10,000zl ($2,700) to have it moved and re-built in Nowe Kawkowo. She used moss and clay between the logs to make it airtight.  


£3,000 in Wales


This was Simon's first home built with his father-in-law, friends and passers-by. It's a straw bale house with a reciprocal green roof only costing about £3,000. Simon estimates that the home took about 1,250 hours to build. The home was a learning experience for the family who now live in a larger home built for only £6,000 in Lammas ecoVillage.

Simon has written about his homes and experience in a book called 'Wild by Design'.


£150 in England


This quaint cob cottage in Deddington, England cost almost nothing to build, just £150 ($250) for the thatching pins. It was built by Michael Buck almost exclusively from materials from his farm. The clay for the cob came from the site and the long straw for the thatch came from nearby fields. Poplars were planted by Michael eight years before they were felled and used for the joists.

Michael says, "I believe in the idea of houses not costing much. A house does not have to cost the earth; you only need earth to build it."


Less than $5,000 in USA


Ianto Evans (above) pioneered cob building in the USA. Through Cob Cottage Company he trains people from all over the world who come to learn from his decades of natural building experience. Ianto is the author (with others) of 'The Hand Sculpted House' (far right).

This is one of the tiny cob cottages at his home in Oregon, USA. He teaches people how to build homes (larger than this one right) for less than $5,000.



About £10,000 in Poland


This little straw bale house is now 10 years old. It sits in beautiful countryside near Lake Hancza, the deepest (108,5 m) lake in Poland. It's a place the Polish city folk call a "small paradise" a place of gentle hills and forests filled with wild strawberries, blueberries and mushrooms.

The straw bale cottage was built by Paulina (above) of Earth Hands and Houses. To build a tiny home like this in Poland would cost about £10,000 (15,000 USD) in materials but at the time it cost Paulina £5,000.


€3,500 in France


This 7m diameter €3,500 French roundhouse stands on a rubble trench. A ring of debarked douglas fir roundwood stands on stone pads that rest on the trench. The ring of timbers supports a reciprocal roof surrounded by straw bale walls plastered with lime.

The straw bale roundhouse was built by  Matthew (above) who will be building another just like it in Cornwall, UK this September 2015. Details of the workshop are available here.