Cob Homes and Cob Building around the World




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Cob garden room, Canada

Cob roundhouse, Canada

This is the garden room at O.U.R ecoVillage. Part of the charm in this room comes from the nasturtium flowers filtering the light [pattern No. 238, ‘Filtered Light’].

A cob cottage in Oregon, USA

Cob cottage, USA

This is an inside out view of Ianto and Linda's living room which, incidentally demonstrates beautifully pattern No.180, a low sill window space.

Cob niche in a home in Denmark

Niche in a cob house, Denmark

This is the work of Flemming Abrahamsson in his home in Denmark.

A straw bale, cob and earthbag cottage in Finland

Earthbag, cob and straw bale house, Finland

The roof of this tiny cottage in Finland is made from a ring of roundwood timbers interlocking and supporting one another.

A cob cottage that cost nothing to build

Cob house, England

This cob cottage in Deddington, England cost almost nothing to build. It was built by Michael Buck almost exclusively from materials from his farm.

Clay wall sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy

Clay pargeting by Andy Goldsworthy

This design in clay is in a refuge near Digne-les-Bains in the South of France.

Tiny cob house in Deddington, England

Tiny cob house, England

Something magical happens when sunlight dances of the surface of water making patterns on the wall.

A natural building video by Cobworks

Natural building, Mexico

Cob is a mixture of clay, sand and straw used for building beautiful homes.

A Cob Cottage in Canada

Cob cottage, Canada

This is an inside out view of Kate's 1,200 sq.ft (111 m2) cob house on Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada.

A cob house by natural building company Cob Cottage

Cob cottage, USA

Cob is a mixture of clay, sand and straw that allows you to sculpt beautifully shaped homes like this one in Oregon, USA.

A cob cottage in Somerset, England

Tiny cob house, England

Lisa and Rich built the house with clay from the stream and roundwood Pine and Hawthorne thinned from the local woodlands.

Cob House Kitchen by Cob Cottage Company

Cob house kitchen, USA

This is Ianto and Linda's kitchen in their cob home in Oregon. They run the Cob Cottage Company and have inspired many of the world's natural builders.

Cob and adobe school, Argentina

Cob school, Argentina

A cob waldorf school in Lago Puelo, Argentina.

Cob house, USA

Cob roundhouse. USA

This is Ziggy and April's cob roundhouse at Dancing Rabbit ecoVillage in Rutledge, Missouri, USA.

Clay granaries, Mali

Dogon clay granaries, Mali

These are Dogon thatched clay granaries (store rooms) in Songho, Mali.


Cob cottage at Cae Mabon, Wales

The cottage was built in 2004 by 25 people, on and off, over two weeks mixing cob early in the morning and then building with it later in the day.


Cob house kitchen, England

This is the interior of one of the cob homes by Adam and Katy of Clay Works. Clay Works are based in the UK and supply beautiful clay plasters.

Obos of the Musgum, Cameroon

Clay obos, Cameroon

These are clay catenary domes, called obos, of the Musgum people in the Cameroon. They provide efficient cooling in the baking heat.

Cob house bathroom, USA

Cob bathroom, USA

This is the bathroom at Laughing House, a beautiful cob house in Oregon, USA with a wonderful mosaic.

Cob houses around the world

Cob houses around the world

Cob, a mixture of clay, sand and straw, is a sculptural building material that has been used to create beautiful natural homes.

Stone, clay and wood chaitya, Tibet

Stone, clay and wood Chaitya, Tibet

The shape of the Stupa, for which there are 8 designs, represents the seated figure of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha).

Cob house, Romania

Cob house, Romania

This is one of the cob homes build by architect and natural builder Ileana Mavrodin of Casa Verde in Banat, Romania.

An Estonian rocket Stove

Rocket mass stove, Estonia

You can feed a rocket stove by placing a long log in the fire box that sticks out the top while it burns at one end in the fire box.

A cob cottage in Canada

Cob house, Canada

This home was the first fully permitted cob house in Canada.

A cob oven in Portugal

Cob oven, Portugal

The festival has won several awards for using natural building and permaculture principals.

Cob roundhouse, Wales

The Cob Herb Roundhouse at Felin Uchaf, Wales

The stem wall of the roundhouse is made from local slate. The cob walls are lime plastered topped with a turf reciprocal roof and decorative slated eaves.

Mud and Stud home, England

Mud and Stud House

Mud and stud is similar to 'wattle and daub' but the mud is supported by vertical riven lathes nailed to horizontal rails between the posts of an elm frame.

Handmade window in cob house, England

Cob house, England

This cob home is the work of Lisa and Rich who built it with clay from the stream that runs just in front of this amazing window.


Cob oven, Croatia

A double chamber cob oven gives a cleaner burn than a standard cob oven.